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eMarketing Looking to up sell a product? Announce a promotion? Gain feedback?

Then email marketing can help your campaign at the click of a button.


Marketing through email to your existing base of clients, or to a target group of potential clients, is

one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to pass information and increase sales.


Using a list of email addresses and contact details i.e. client name, company name, contact

telephone number. The specialist team at Think can create a bespoke email campaign sent to your

client list.


We need your input to create a design that pushes your message, but importantly, the emails can

be tailored to target your audience and create calls, enquiries or traffic to your company website.


"I sent an email campaign to my clients and up sold to nearly 40% of them using an effective

promotional email and follow up call to the clients that opened my email. The next promotional email is already lined up and I look forward to the positive response shown in my Sales and Lettings." Stuart Jones, Managing Director - West Minster Property Services

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